Maritime Capabilities

Maritime Capabilities

Maritime Capabilities is an independent online international maritime platform focusing on new developments in maritime and marine technologies.

New disruptive technologies in the maritime industry. Like many other traditional industries the maritime industry will use artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (MI), augmented reality (AR), big data, IoT technologies and more satellite data in their research and development of new products.

Education and Training in the Maritime Sector

The Maritime education, training and skills section provides information on education and training courses in the maritime, marine and technology sector from vocational training, foundation courses, apprenticeships to bachelor, master and PhD programs.

Careers in Maritime

The careers in maritime lists jobs in the marine and maritime sector and provides news and articles on current issues relating to maritime careers from junior to senior on-shore and offshore opportunities to advanced technology jobs in the private and public sector.

Maritime careers are already and will change even more.  There is currently a shortage of professionals with the right skills in science, technology and engineering.

At Maritime Capabilities we believe in Diversity!

Startups in the Maritime Industry

We help startups. The Maritime Capabilities Startup Accelerator works with start-ups who have an innovative disruptive idea in relating to the maritime industry. We support both single founders and teams.

Marine startup help