UK Boat Shows Electric Boats and Green Tech 2023

Boat Shows: A Celebration of the Boating Industry

Boat shows are a staple event in the boating industry, bringing together manufacturers, dealers, and enthusiasts to showcase the latest in boating technology, accessories, and designs. These events provide an opportunity for attendees to see, touch, and experience a wide range of boats in one place, from recreational sailboats and fishing boats to luxurious yachts and houseboats.

Boat shows also offer a chance to learn about the latest advancements in boating equipment and technology through educational seminars, demonstrations, and product displays. Whether you are an experienced boater or just starting out, boat shows are an excellent resource for gathering information and making informed purchasing decisions.

One of the most exciting developments in recent years is the increasing popularity of electric boats. Electric boats offer a more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional gas-powered boats, and their quiet and emissions-free operation is perfect for use in sensitive waterways. Many boat shows now feature electric boats, providing attendees with the opportunity to see these innovative vessels up close and learn about the benefits of electric boating.

A new boat show focusing on renewable energy and green tech has been lauched in Southampton.

The South Coast & Green Tech Boat Show 2023

Ocean Village Marina
SO14 3QF

21-23 April 2023 | 10am to 6pm

Boat shows are a must-attend event for anyone involved in the boating industry or looking to purchase a boat. With a wide range of boats, equipment, and technology on display, boat shows provide a unique opportunity to see and experience the best the boating industry has to offer.