The decline of the leisure boat market

The Future of the Leisure Boat Market

The leisure boats market is said to be declining in the UK. There are unlimited number of leisure boats on the market.

Fewer young people are becoming interested in sailing and powerboating.

Some boat shows have closed recently.

Part of the reason may be the high costs involved.

The leisure marine industry is looking for solutions to revive this once vibrant market in the UK.


leisure marine market

Marinas and Moorings

Marinas are very expensive. The fees depend on the duration of berthing and the time of the year. Many boat owners take out a long term contract.

Most marinas offer long term mooring rates. Many marinas charge around 50 – 70 £ per metre per month if a whole year contract is taken out.

Winter mooring fees tend to be cheaper.

Summer mooring fees can go up to around 100£/ per metre per month.

Marinas have also a number of visitor berth. Visitor are usually quoted in per metre per day. Some marinas also offer hourly rates.

Dry Stack Berthing

Dry Stack Berthing is usually cheaper than marina pontoon berthing.